Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr. BJ's Nuru Massage & Salon - Soi 7/1 - Bangkok..

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I stopped into Dr. BJ’s Salon located on the end of Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 to see it for myself one afternoon. I will say that it's clean. The girls line up and look over a balcony and if you see one you like then you select a girl. Most are late 20’s to mid 30’s. I can’t say that any one of the girls really appealed to me as I like those early 20’s Thai girls. But if BJ bars are your thing then this is probably the one you want to check out. Afterwards I went across the street to Dr. BJ’s Nuru massage where the girls are very attractive and younger to get a Nuru Massage and I can highly recommend it.

Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage is managed by this friendly Italian chap and I give the place a 5 star out of a 5 star rating. There are several very attractive and friendly ladies working there which I’d rate above average in looks. No disappointment here. 2,000 Baht for a 1 hour (full service) Nuru Massage and 3,000 Baht for 2 hours in the VIP room.)  I went for the standard 1 hour massage as I still had many gogo bars and massage shops to visit and review for my Bangkok After Hours blog and Facebook page.

I chose a new 22 year old and very attractive, slightly shy girl and upstairs we go for the massage. The rooms are very clean and well lit. The girl I chose was great. Being new and shy she was all giggles during the slip sliding and away gel massage part which made me want to laugh too. A great girl with a smoking hot and very nice body. I had chosen well. One thing about the Nuru gel massage and that is once you and the massage girl are covered in that slippery gel you can't grab on or get any traction on that slippery mat boys!! (Perhaps installing a hand rail about 6 inches off the floor would be helpful? Hmmm??) But other than that it was a very enjoyable experience.

Just one tip to remind you of if you do plan to go to Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage. Have the massage girl turn the water on hot for a minute or two to warm up that plastic mat!! Mine had used cold water and I wasn’t really paying attention and when I lay down on the mat it was cold!! That woke me up but that kind of thing makes your landing gear want to retract where as a nice warm mat encourages your landing gear to get fully deployed and locked into position you might say.

I made mention of that afterwards to the kindly manager to instruct his girls to use "hot or at least warm water" to spray the mats with. (It was my first soapy, so had I known I would have checked myself.)  My only other suggestion would be for the shop to add a small plastic stool or chair to sit in to get dressed. Since the mat took up the whole room and was slippery from the gel it made getting dressed a bit tricky. I just took my shoes and socks and put them on outside on the stairs! Despite this I still give it 5 stars.

With Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage being located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 it’s very convenient to walk to from hotels located from Nana Plaza to Soi Cowboy and of course you can always take the BTS to the Nana station to get to Dr. BJ’s Nuru massage very quickly.

If you’re in Bangkok or visiting soon then Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage should definitely be on your list of places to stop in for a massage at least once!!!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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Chrome Bar said...

Please note Dr Bj has change name!
Same address and same business but now if you looking for Dr Bj Salon just look for Wood Bar sign
If you want the nuru massagge just looking for Chrome Bar!

Thank you!